Architectural Brass creates the finest tables and table bases manufactured anywhere. We work directly with designers, architects and facilities managers, as well as our own highly skilled designers, to find the perfect product for the needs of your property.  We offer a vast arrat of tables. They range from the elegant and classic style, to the more modern, contemporary styles.  On larger orders, you can work with a member of our graphic design team in customizing a table tailored to your exact specifications.  Architectural Brass' tables are not only stylish, but durable and long lasting. We use only the best materials available in the construction of each of our tables and bases. Distinct from low cost manufactures, our products will last longer, are easier to maintain and to clean. Because we choose to use only high quality metals, woods, wood laminates, genuine stone, cast stone and solid surfaces, we can guarantee your complete satisfaction.  We have a wide selection of metals and finishes from which you can choose i.e., stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper and others. You can select a satin or polished finish,  an antique finish, a directional or non directional finish, for your table All of our products are custom crafted in America, at our facilities in Atlanta. Georgia, by skilled artisans. Architectural Brass tables and bases can be found in all public access areas such as, hotels, casinos, office building lobbies, both interior and exterior locations, shopping malls, restaurants, food courts, the hospitality industry, conference rooms, board rooms and many more locations.